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  • Burnside and Co.

    A Net Worth Development Company

    Through the Net Worth Fusion™ platform, we encourage individuals to build and manage a substantial balance sheet.  In addition, we are an investment advisory firm that manages stock and bond portfolios on our client's behalf.

  • Investment Strategy

    The three core principals that make up our investment strategy:

  • Discipline

    Burnside and Co. adds value by being strict and unrelenting during volatile market environments. All too often, time and hysteria can cause both individual investors and fainthearted professional advisors to lose focus and overreact.

    Low Cost

    Cost has an inverse relationship to performance. Study after study shows an investor can’t “pay” a manger to outperform the market in the long-term. Therefore, the goal should be to reduce costs and work hard not to under-perform. Underperformance is a real threat to long-term success.


    Hiring an advisor doesn't mean not paying attention. Full disclosure and efficient description of processes at Burnside and Co. is a high priority. This includes daily access to investment performance, cost-of-investing models, and personal conversations with our clients.

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